Mission and Vision


Born and bred in France, I had to learn the language of the country in which I came to live in my twenties.

I want to share my wide experience and my passion for French with people who learn French, so that I can help them with obstacles, where I ran into myself when learning a new language.

I have over 30 years of experience as a graduate French teacher:

  • in international higher education with Dutch and foreign students from countries as China, Indonesia, Australia, Israël and several countries in Europe
  • with adults teaching conversation at the Alliance Française
  • in private lessons
  • in in-company trainings in sectors as the automotive, metal and wood industry, chemical products and services, accountancy

Besides I am a sworn translator/interpreter French/Dutch.


“I wish I could have studied with the teacher I have become”.

Learning a new language later in life has made me aware of what it takes to master the language and what the challenges are.

To me the following core values are important:


in a course where not only all aspects of the language receive attention, but also French culture, corporate culture, business etiquette, etc …