Course Methodology

You can learn French and develop your conversational skills in:

  • individual or group courses
  • a business course to improve your productivity to the fullest
  • a course for young people to increase future career opportunities
  • a course online or on location

The latter include

  • your input in developing tailor-made courses and programs taking into account your individual needs
  • a course perfectly tailored to your requirements (with the use of authentic material)
  • advice and encouragement from your teacher
  • (intermediate) tests to check progress (on request)
  • Final evaluation


When teaching French, I always point out the use of the following tools:

  • use your time efficiently (apply the Pareto principle, stating that 80% of the outputs are due to 20% of the inputs)
  • make more progress with the right discipline
  • communicate verbally and in writing with confidence

All this is combined in a relaxed and a pleasant atmosphere, in which making mistakes is an important part of the learning process and helps you progress, deepen and expand your knowledge.

For Business French we focus on:

  • personalised, tailor-made and well-structured lessons which are adjusted or expanded along the way, whenever necessary
  • the interests and needs of the student
  • knowledge of vocabulary and functional grammar as well as the most important verbal interactions and language registers
  • additional tools for further study opportunities
  • positive help and support where patience is the key word
  • an enjoyable, instructive and challenging teaching method
  • improving self-confidence and autonomy to speak French

Assessment interview

Based on the results of a personal interview (completely free) where your language level* is tested, we determine your learning goals, the teaching method and course duration.

I can then offer you an appropriate learning program as well as support with learning, planning, organising and assessing.

* European Framework for Language Competence